Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Holiday Grab-bag

As I sit -and waste time, as it were- at the end of Advent, I have to admit it's been busy and things will not slow up until AFTER Boxing Day. As a birthday gift to my wonderful wife, we're off to see The Hobbit on Thursday; it's what she wanted for her birthday. We have tickets in hand and we're ready to go.

I haven't done too much gaming lately, and what I did I can't really blog about. I have been painting, though... and here are some of my latest brushings or brush victims or whatever.

War of 1812 US Artillery - repaints of Minifig Austrian artillerymen
I believe the plumes should be yellow. Well, we all make mistakes.

War of 1812 US Regiment of Light Artillery (Minifigs)
An elite outfit

"Say Hello to my little friend!"
US coastal artillery with a naval crew. I call it a 50-pound Columbiad.
(Frontier naval gun crew and a cannon from an unknown line of ship parts.)

Paper houses - as cheap as they come and convertible!
Here it is, relatively intact.

Here it is as a simple fixer-up-er.

Here's the conversion! It a neat little 15mm card house where the intact version
fits over the bombed out one.
If you're interested, send me a note with your e-mail address and I'll send the plans.

Gandalf, Bilbo, and the informing raven from "The Hobbit"
(Games Workshop's Warmaster Battle of Five Armies set)

GW Warmaster goblin shaman with an idol of somebody or other.
The idol's head is from an ancient GW goblin in 25mm

Another Warmaster special - the Giant!
It's a little diorama by itself. The giant is stomping on a two-wheeled cart and...

... has just passed over a cowering human. That little guy is molded right on the base!

Frying Pan & Blanket AWI mounted Militia...
set for use in our upcoming Imagi-nations campaign as Rob's dragoons.

FP&B German/Hessian infantry painted as Prussian Freikorps
The Freikorps facinate me so these will be the Fredonian Freikorps
in charge of dirty tricks and larceny. They'll be made up of guardhouse
and jail sweepings as well as other swamp wildlife.

FP&B Continental line infantry painted as an AWI loyalist unit...
Line troops for Rob's army. I may insist they be called "Regiment Hohn."

Rob's going to use dismounted Indian/First Nations warriors for most of his light infantry.
More FP&B from the Plains Wars range.

FP&B mounted Indians - Rob says he'll use them like Cossacks

FP&B again - The Fredonian Dragoons. I recently remounted them on smaller
bases and I think they look better as a tighter unit.

Rob's FP&B dismounted militia to be used as skirmishing riflemen.

A rather aged Ral Partha Reiter or Cuirassier of the Thirty Years War era.

From RAFM, air transport for the Imperial Guard's helicoptor-borne troops.
(40K Epic)

Now for something completely different,,,
Reaper Miniatures "Anime Girl" 'cause I'll use ANYTHING for Traveller!

Reaper again - goblin pirate with a blunderbuss... looks like my friend, Tyler.
Reaper's gargoyle or something that hasn't had its morning coffee.

One of Katie's favourites - Reaper's Steampunk witch.
I try to do a lot of good shading and ink work on these types of figures.

I don't remember the name of the manufacturer, but I thought it would be useful
as a female adventurer in my Traveller campaign.
"Y'all in a heap a' trouble, boy! Y'all fergot t' paint ma wristwatch."
Reaper's modern sheriff
I'll paint the watch once I'm off the chain gang.
Reaper's Sasquatch... appearing nightly on the Learning Channel.

Another Katie favourite... Reaper again... Femme Fatale spy...
again, plenty of inking and shading.

Okay, here's the deal; all good Traveller adventures start in a bar, right?
Reaper finally made some "Alien Exotic Dancers" for the bar, which will be
called "Club Salacious" from now on. Here's a dancing Grey - we'll call her

Another dancer from the back. Note her mouth is in her chest and her head has one BIG EYE.
"A big hand for Suzie aaDringnrrrrrrrr!" 

Yes, she has green hair... and three breasts. What are you... a rube?
Penelope Smythe-(choke/squeek/crack/sneeze). Spelled as it sounds.

I did an update on the Grand Elector Rufus I . He's seen here with his aide, Captain Spaulding of the Saxe-Fredonian
Engineer Corps and a engineer NCO, Sergeant Chickolini.
"That IS the most ridiculous thing I ever hoid!"
The Grand Elector up close.

Since it's the Christmas holiday season, I give you ---- Nutrolls!
Now things will go at a break-neck pace until after Christmas Day. I even have a worship service on Boxing Day at a local nursing home. Then I can relax a bit.
[I just looked at the preview of this entry and I think it may be horribly botched. My apologies.]
I wish all my readers a healthy, happy and blessed Christmas. Should you celebrate another festival, may it be a good one and a peaceful one. I wish you all a better new year than we had this year. 2013 should see more entries on the Imagi-nations campaign which is coming closer. The Elector wants you to join his Marxist movement! ("What an elephant was doing in my pyjamas, I'll never know!")


  1. You dirty commie,

    You steer me away from declaring the People's Democratic Republic of Rationalia, and you just declair yourself Marxist?

    Fine, I'll join the Trotskyites.

    1. Well, Comrade, what can I say? Maybe I wanted the prolitariate all to myself. Maybe my Marxism is based more on Groucho than Karl. Maybe I just wanted to upset you.
      I always preferred the POUM to the PCE anyway!

      I'll save you a nutroll.

  2. A happy Christmas to you and your household from all at the Duchy of Tradgardland!
    With regard to the hobbit you are in for a treat-enjoy.

    1. Thank you, sir! We are eager to see Middle Earth again. I'm thinking of buying some land there.

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your household from all at the Duchy of Tradgardland.With regard to the Hobbit you are in for a treat...

  4. Good Lord, pastor, you've been busy. Some really nice figures here, especially the Anime girl. I think I'll pass on the Cub Salacious, though. I don't want my dancers to be that exotic!

    1. This is what keeps me sane, Padre! Thanks for your kind words about the figs. I'm weak and I couldn't resist the exotic dancers for my Traveller game. It'll liven up the place since the time spend in the bar usually degenerates into a brawl.

  5. Nice colection of minis!

    1. Thanks, Phil. Rather ecclectic, I should think!

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