Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Another shameless plug

It appears that the CBC was watching the Queenston Heights reenactment, but it was not the news. The comedy show, "This Hour Has 22 Minutes", covered the battle. In any event, it isn't a bad coverage, although it is comedy.

Look for me at about 0:45 standing off in the trees and taking a flash photo while the Six Nations warriors begin to "loot" the "dead." Then look for my son (in his lighter blue fatigue cap) at the point where the host of the segment, Shaun Majumder, takes a "fake hit" and "fake dies."


  1. Excellent! He was a right piss taker though, you should have bayoneted him! he he!

    1. Shaun came up to one British reenactor to ask a question, and the fellow didn't recognize him and told him to bugger off. At least he didn't ridicule any of the reenactors.