Monday, 6 February 2012

A Simple Sampler

I'm going to continue my blogging of the Boot Camp at the Hamilton Road Gaming Group later, but I decided to show off some recent painting. (These pictures were taken on my painting table, under my painting light, with a tiny camera one night last week.)

A "Brain in a jar" for Pulp games. He's never looked better!
(Reaper Miniatures)

French Line Infantry drummer by Perry. A 25mm nice plastic fig.

An SS flamethrower operator in the "Pea pattern" camo.
("Erbsenmunster") A Victory Force miniature - If you don't know this
company, look at their website. They are well worth it. They even make
"Mythbuster" figures with generic names!

Another SS NCO in the Pea Pattern, (Artizan Design mini)
I like his coffee cup.

A US Infantry drummer for the War of 1812
(Old Glory figure)

US Airborne Bazooka gunner by Victory Force.
I mean it; you need to see their catalog.

German Infantry by Artizan Design

Republican Roman Hastati by Ral Partha - an OLD figure

Jagdpanzer 38t "Hetzer" by QRF in 15mm

Spanish Civil War naval gun crew. The 75mm and the gun captain are by
Battlefront, the rest of the crew are Peter Pig. I traded some things with
Martin for the gun and three of its littermates.- all in 15mm.

I enjoy painting the figures and I hope you'll enjoy looking at them


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  2. Great Painting job. One thing, the French 75mm is a Command Decision model, not Battlefront.

    1. Thanks for that. I really just took a guess.