Friday, 13 January 2012

Favourites... ("Not that anyone cares.")

One of the blogs I follow ("Don't Throw a 1" by Ray Roussel in the UK) engaged in a little deep background work. I usually hesitate to do this, since I often discount my opinion, yet what are blogs for? Ray quoted another gamer/blogger: "We all  have favourite games, periods, inspirations and so on, the challenge then is to document what they are so we can all see what drives us....." So here goes.

Periods -    I reeeeeealy like the Napoleonic period. I started out in the early '70's with Airfix conversions, and moved to Minifigs, and beyond. Presently, I push 15mm Austrians, Swedes, and Turks, usually fighting against my wife's Italians with their French add-ons. We also do the War of 1812 in 15mm ("large" battles and battalion level) and 28mm (skirmish.) 7-Years War in Europe (15mm) is always a load of fun for me. I've added ACW (28mm skirmish and 15mm battalion level), WWII (28mm Skirmish), Spanish Civil War (15mm large skirmish), French and Indian War (25mm skirmish) and Ancients (25mm large armies - Gauls, Early Imperial Romans, Late Romans, and a Hebrew army.) I played WWII Battalion level but moved away from it. On occasion, I play 1/1200 sailing ships and Wings of War WWI aircraft, and once in a while some Sci-fi space craft. I'd like to get back into Renaissance/30-Years War/ECW, but lack the time.
     One game I really enjoy is Traveller, an RPG based in the far future. I still succumb to the lure of D&D once in a while.
      I've also played fantasy gaming with a certain large company's game and 40K and Epic Space Marine, too. Oh, I forgot a favouite - Warmaster!

The Vatican Hit Squad for
Where Heroes Dare

 Rules -
     I cut my teeth on Column, Line, & Square, moved to Empire II & III, suffered through Eaglebearer, a computer based set of rules, and now do Shako for large battle Napoleonics. I truely enjoy the Iron Ivan games with we use for F&I, 1812, WWII, ACW, WWI, SCW, and Pulp games. Their stuff has to be among the best, most playable, and well thought-out rules around. I would recommend them to anyone. Although I've played Warfare in the Age of Reason, I prefer KoenigKrieg for the 7-Years War. I'm very much interested in using Mr. Lincoln's War for ACW larger battles. Warhammer Ancients, Don't Give Up the Ship, Wings of War round out the stable. I'm looking to introduce Clash of Empires and General de Brigade (for battalion/brigade level 1812) sometime.
     In the past, I'd also done Spearhead, Command Decision, Newberry Fast Play for Ancients and Renaissance (a misnomer, sorry.), and a few others, some of which I don't remember... or don't want to remember.
     Oh, I played Flames of War... once. I still itch.

Figures -
     I get the feeling that we are in the Golden Age for figures. I don't remember any time when there were more manufacturers! (Of course, I was out of communication for quite a few years and out of money for many more.) For Napoleonics, I prefer AB Figures, Battle Honours, and Minifigs (especially for 1812 in North America). 7-Years War - Freikorps15 and Essex. Ancients - Old Glory (affordable and acceptable) and Foundry. SCW - Peter Pig and anything I can scrape together. ACW - in 28mm, Perry Miniatures; in 15mm, Old Glory 15s, Essex, and some Falcon Minis for the odd stuff (Garibaldi Guard and such.) WWII - 28mm-Warlord plastics, Black Tree Design, Battle Honours, and Bolt Action (very nice.)
     Obviously, I don't have a favourite manufacturer. Often it depends on what I can find. I still like to see the figs I'm purchasing. I'm old fashioned that way.

Influences -
    One of my biggest influences was my father. He didn't care for my staying in and painting or gaming. He wanted me to be more athletic, but he tolerated my foibles and did answer my questions about his military service. In World War II, he was regimental supply sergeant for a US coastal artillery (anti-aircraft) regiment sent to North Africa, Corsica, Sardinia, and southern France. When they disbanded the regiment (to convert most of the personnel to infantry or transportation corps), he transfered to the Transportation Corp and ran the port of Marsailles for a while. He retired after 20+ years service in the Army Reserve with the rank of major. I suppose that set up some of my interest in history.
    My family's interest in re-enacting has been an influence as well. Learning the 1812 US Manuel of Arms and standing in a firing line is something to be experienced. You see your games in a whole different light.

Books -
   Let's see... Cornwell's Sharpe series, Laumer's Bolo sci-fi books, The Lord of the Rings, Glen Cook's Black Company fantasy books, Anderson's Flandry books, the Osprey and Hippocrene books I've been collecting since the 1970's (I've got some OLD ones.), Forrester's Hornblower series, the Honor Harrington series (without the soap opera), Heinlein's Starship Troopers, my crazed interest in history and my wife's degree in history. Not much history, I know but what can I say? I should read more of Adrian Goldsworthy's stuff; supporting the family, y'know. (We're not related, as much as I might pretend.)

Movies -
    The Last of the Mohicans, Glory, Gettysburg (thought to be a mess by many, but I have a buddy who was in the Signal Corps portion of the film and I've walked the battlefield a few times, so I like it.), Saving Private Ryan, Enemy at the Gates, Das Boot, Michael Collins, Sparticus, The Lord of the Rings, A Walk in the Sun (That's an old one.) I really can't remember any more. 

    Well, that's enough. I know I've missed a lot, but I'm out of patience. I've come a long way from fighting Robin Hood vs. Sheriff's Men in the Sherwood Forest playset ("by Marx!), throwing the Maid Marian figure to knock down the enemy. Good gaming to all of you!

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