Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Catchin' up...

Because of the usual way that life gets in the way of living, I'm a bit behind on reporting to whomever reads my stuff. Last weekend, the family and I were at the reenactment of the siege of Fort Erie, at the actual fort in... Fort Erie, Ontario. (You should have seen that coming.)

From 2010 - The crew from Fort Meigs, Ohio move their six-pounder.
This really is a seismic experience when fired. It is a true 6# field gun!

The last game we played at the Hamilton Road was a hedge-row assault against dedicated German defenders by US troops using the Disposable Heroes rules. The US didn't do all that well. I have a difficult time exposing my armour to the hidden PaK-40 and we used too much smoke from our mortars. Still the game was enjoyable and any day we get to play is a good one.
The view from the American side of the table. Kevin is either waving to the
troops, granting a blessing, or volunteering to run for lunch.

Andy's GI's advance

The MG-43 takes smoke around its hedgerow position.

The Wehrmacht view of the same position mit Kubelwagen.

US jeep with dismounted crew.
That isn't a downed flyer; he's the jeep driver.

The dreaded MG-43 - this time mit Opel Blitz Kraftwagen.

US Paratroopers - in honour of my brother-in-law, First Sergeant (ret.)
Allen Deforde, 101st Airborne. No, that is NOT Sgt. Rock on the corner.

Andy's Panzerfaust emplaced.

The second line of hedgerows... with the PaK-40 lurking under the log,

I seemed to be in command of the US side, and I proved too timid, even with the two Shermans and the M3 halftrack. I'm going to take blood-thirsty lessons.
One last thing... I actually showed off the remnants of my Warhammer Empire army in 25/28mm. Spears and pikes.

Never been used. Such a shame.

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